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AVR-Development Module
with 128K Bytes external SRAM

Model: AL-ERAM128 Version 2.0






- Controller: Atmel AVR ATmega128A-AU up to 16 MHz

- Equipment:

• 128K Bytes external SRAM

• with 10 ns speed

• RS-232 Transceiver

• Reset key

• Power LED

- External SRAM: internal or external voltage

- Supply voltage: 5 V

- Module size: W x H x D  34 mm x 83 mm x 19.3 mm

- Operating temperature: -40°C up to +85°C

- Quartz socket: simple and fast quartz exchange

- PC-Connection: 2 x RS232, separable with jumpers

- Compatibility: compatible with hole matrix board (hole distance 2.54 mm)

- Circuit:  built on the recommendation of the manufacturer

- Programming: ISP or JTAG connector or BOOTLOADER

- Pin configuration of AVR-Module: shown at the left picture

- Pin configuration ISP & JTAG connectors: 10-pin, standard of Atmel

- Functionality: tested, ready for use

- Conformity: RoHS Compliance

- Produced in Germany

- Free of charge:

one desired quartz inclusive

  7.3728 MHz;

  8.0000 MHz;

  11.0592 MHz;

  14.7456 MHz;

  16.0000 MHz


- Atmel AVR ATmega128A-AU

- 128K Bytes Flash

- 4K Bytes EEPROM

- 4K Bytes Internal SRAM

- 53 x Programmable I/O Lines

- 8 x ADC Channels

- 4 x Timer/Counter

- 2 x Serial USARTs

- 2 x PWM Channels

- Internal Oscillator

- SPI und TWI

- 0 - 16 MHz

- 2.7 - 5.5V

- more ...


We offer you more flexibility by the development. By means of quartz socket it is possible to choose another frequency easier and faster. External SRAM solves the saving problem, if the internal 4K Bytes SRAM is not enough. Due to Jumper configuration of SRAM there are following setting possible: internal or external voltage. All pins, accept port A and port C, of micro controller are connected with the pins of module and positioned in the logical order, that makes the development work easier. The circuit of the module is built on the recommendation of the manufacturer: A/D converter, reset, ISP, JTAG, RS232, SRAM. Jumper configuration helps you to make the right settings. We offer you a very simple installation and use of AVR-Module for the beginner as well as for the advancer.

Scope of delivery:

- 1x AVR-Module (preconfigured, tested and ready to use),

- 1x desired quartz,

- 10x Jumpers and

- invoice with 2 years guarantee


data sheet
boot loader
boot files
Eagle library

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