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New by ALVIDI!

AVR ATxmega Board

NEW!!! Atmel controller ATxmega128A1U, 64MBit SDRAM, USB, Ethernet, microSD card slot, quartz socket, clock quartz, JTAG & PDI programming interface, Reset & SWQ2 keys, 50 I/O external pins, power LED.
AL-XAVRB_EXT more ...

Two AVR32 Modules with AT32UC3C0512C

AL-UC3CDB and AL-UC3CRAM are two our new products. Both modules have got the same size, internal voltage regulator 3.3V, USB & JTAG interface, 12 MHz quartz, reset and boot key. AL-UC3CDB also includes microSD card slot, 113 I/O and 32.768 kHz quartz. AL-UC3CRAM has got 78 I/O and 256 MBit SDRAM. Both modules include such optional equipments like JTAG and site pin connectors. AL-UC3CRAM may be also equipped with microSD card slot on the back side and CAN driver.
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AVR ATxmega Extended Module

AL-XSLED_EXT shows an extended version AL-XSLED module. The module AL-XSLED_EXT was built also on the base of Atmel controller Atxmega256A3 and also has got JTAG and ISP connector, 4x programmable LED's, ext./int. AVCC voltage, internal 3.3 V of voltage regulator. In addition to the above mentioned equipment extended module includes: Reset key, power LED, miniUSB and microSD card slot. AL-XSLED_EXT has almost identical external pin configuration.
AL-XSLED_EXT more ...

AVR32 Development Board

We would like to introduce you a new product: AL-UC3AVRBIT. This board is based on Atmel controller AT32UC3A0512. It was developed for both private and industrial purposes. Its compact form and the circuit recommended by manufacturer were taken into account during development. In the documentation for this product you can read all the details.
AL-UC3AVRBIT more ...

New version 2.0 from AVR Module with external SRAM

We introduce you a new version 2.0 - a modification of our AVR module: the model ERAM128. In comparison to the original model we have carried out some changes in this version. Now the module is top-side mounted, we have connected external SRAM directly to the controller and removed the SRAM-jumpers. The external Pins (port A and port C) which had been connected to SRAM, were removed. We have extended the module with Reset key and Power-LED.
AL-ERAM128 V2.0 more ...

Boot loader for AVR/AVR32 Modules

To each of our AVR modules you will find with the description also a compatible boot loader. For programming you don't need any external program devices, but just two keys and a D-SUB 9 female connector. As software you will need a hyperterminal with Mega Controller and AVROSP program with the Xmega controller. AVR32 modules will be programmed via the USB-interface. You will find instruction for each AVR/AVR32 module in the attachment. At your request we can equip the purchased AVR module with the favoured boot loader free of charge. Every AVR32 controller includes a boot loader as factory setting.

   Mega 128/2561/AT90CAN128
 Xmega 128A1/256A3

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